Divergent  - Veronica Roth

I know I'm insanely late in getting to this series, and I have absolutely no excuse. It took a colleague at working mailing everyone to tell them how atrocious the first four chapters of this one are that gave me the shove to finally pick this up and see who was right, the Internet, or the colleague. 


I'm pleased to say, the Internet wins! 


I've seen people raving about this series all over Twitter, and now I can see exactly why. Divergent is one of those YA reads that grabs you the instant you pick it up. It's very similar to Hunger Games in that respect, although it's unfair to compare them as Hunger Games is an unashamed, damn near criminal rip off of Battle Royale, and Divergent is far more original to its credit. 


Tris is an interesting protagonist, and it's great to see a strong, three dimensional female teenager out there representing. The plot is brutal in places, with a high bodycount, and there's no shying away from danger. Some huge teenage themes are handled well, and within such a fast-paced, roller-coaster of a plot that you don't even realise until you reach the end and sit back to think over it. 


Divergent is the kind of book that's genuinely hard to put down, and when you do have to have it crowbarred out of your hands to get to work, you find yourself thinking about it non-stop. A great read, hugely recommended. I can't wait to see how the film adaptation is handled.