Solitary  - Alexander Gordon Smith

There are moments when I firmly believe that Alexander Gordon Smith should be sent to Furnace for his criminal use of immense cliffhangers. As with the first book, I had to download the next in the series the very minute I'd finished reading this one, which, joking aside, clearly shows the genius of his writing. Not only am I having a fantastic time with Alex, Zee, Simon and co. but I'm also learning a huge amount about 'How To Win At Writing a YA Series'.


I didn't think this could be any better than the first book, but it was, it goes deeper and darker than Lockdown, and is even more brutal and compelling.


The ending was one of the most haunting scenes I've ever read, and whilst part of me can't wait to find out what happens next, another part of me is almost too scared to look.


Win! This is the perfect series for young horror fans, and it's a great example of fiction that could lure reluctant teen readers who love a brutal video game or film but are unsure about picking up a book. It has a huge amount to offer.